Please join me in welcoming the Nevada BBQ Association and the Utah BBQ Association to the Grand Canyon State BBQ Forum! Both organizations have accepted our invitation to make this their "Forum Home".

As of today, you will now see new sections on the main page of the our site that are dedicated to each of these organizations just like the one dedicated to the Grand Canyon State BBQ Association. This will be a great way for each barbeque association to communicate with a much wider audience and to share more information about the the type of cooking we all love so much!

There is restricted access to some of the content in each of these sections that is only available to the members of each organization. Both the NVBBQA and the UTBBQA will be providing us with membership rosters in the near future and we'll be updating all registered accounts with access once we receive those rosters.

This service is a donation that is made to each of these non-profit organizations by the Grand Canyon State BBQ Forum.