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Thread: BBQ Family Gathering in April - Casa Grande, AZ

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    BBQ Family Gathering in April - Casa Grande, AZ

    GCSBBQA Members/Readers

    My Dad (Craig) and I are hosting an informal gathering in April for any and all AZ BBQ Family to get together. I'd like to invite any GCSBBQA members to come down/up to Casa Grande and Have some drinks (hard or soft) and visit (with now worries about turn-in times ). This is of course 100% family friendly.

    He's a pit 'collector' of sorts and we'd offer anything up to cook on the day of the gathering. Kettles from jumbo joe's up to the Ranch Kettle and everything in between, Drums, Santa Maria's, Offsets, and more

    If you are in the BBQ business, this would offer an opportunity to share your product in a passive-marketing way with a group of like-minded BBQ'rs.

    May also be a good opportunity to get some new members signed up to the GCSBBQA.

    Give me a call/text/email w/ any questions


    Sat April 8th
    Casa Grande, AZ

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    Sounds like a great time, Bill! We'll try to make the party!
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