If you are looking for a great salad on a hot summerís day, you should check this out. A couple of weeks ago I was feeling like a nice refreshing salad. I had a box of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes and some clementineís kicking around. This is very simple and great tasting as well. Throw your mixed greens in a bowl. Next you want to cut your tomatoes into quarters. Peel the oranges and peel apart into single sections. You can slice the oranges between the skins if you like as well, but itís totally up to you. Put the tomatoes and oranges on top of the mixed greens and pour some strawberry vinaigrette over them. The strawberry vinaigrette work so good with this. It will come out a little sweet but thatís half the fun of this.
I hope you make it and like it as much as I did. Itís a pretty healthy salad as well.
Take care and keep the fire hot